There are two barbeque places at Jarov dormitories premises. Both can be found from each side of summer terrace of dining hall. The key from the grills can be picked up at the reception accross the entrance to dining hall or at Thalerova dormitory (Jarov III.G) during the weekends. There is a lot options for buying the meat for barbeque such as Albert, Kaufland, Lídl, Maso uzeniny (near by Eislerova dormitory [Jarov III.F]). Specialized butchery Herák offers free delivery when agreed quantity is ordered.

We ask you to follow the operational rules for fireplace of Dormitories Of Prague University of Economics and Business based on the several complaints regarding night noise. We would like to emphasize that after 22.00 there is no fire and noise at fireplace allowed. Operational hours of fireplace are 7.00 – 22.00, April to September.

We ask you to follow the Rules.