Year-round luggage storage regulations

  1. Only for students who are accommodated in dormitory Palachova, University hotel, Thalerova, Eislerova, Jarov II, Roosveltova, Blanice, or Vltava or who discontinue accommodation in the month, when they stored baggage.
  2. Payment must be made in advance for the entire time of demanded storage. Minimal storage time is from the beginning of stowage to the end of the next month.
  3. It’s possible to prolong stored luggage. Prolonging is accomplished by notification to storage staff and immediate payment after insertion of receivable by staff, but always before the end of the former storage period.
  4. Stowage of baggage:
    • Suitcase, backpack, box, bag – every baggage must be closed, and labeled with a nameplate with name and email. Baggage must be of standard size and filled so that it will be possible to organize them on racks.
    • Staff will check baggage and are allowed to refuse baggage if conditions aren´t met.
  5. Storage staff:
    • Is available in storage during office hours of storage on Tuesday from 9 – 10 am and on Thursday from 2-3 pm.
    • Check payment and label of baggage. The student is obligated to show an ISIC card or dormitory card and will obtain confirmation about accepting baggage(s).
    • Storage/pick up of things apart from office hours is possible only in special cases, after agreement with staff, for a 20 CZK charge.
    • The student is obliged to present an ISIC card or other identity card.
    • Storage/pick up of items outside office hours is only possible in exceptional cases, after agreement with the staff.
  6. If the owner won´t pick up baggage till the end of the paid period, the reminder will be sent by email. If the owner won´t pick up baggage 30 days after the reminder, baggage(s) can be sold and the profit will be used for payment for storage fees and selling costs. If there is no interest in the luggage, it will be discarded.
  7. The daily storage fee is 7 CZK / baggage/day. Minimal payment is always from the beginning of storage time till the end of the next month. After that is a minimal payment for one month.
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