From January 3rd to 12th February, the gym in building C will be closed due to renovation.

Dear students,

I would like to inform you that approximately from January 3rd , 2023, the gym in building C will be closed due to the planned renovation. The gym should open again on February 12th , 2023. If someone has already purchased a monthly pass, please contact me and we will resolve the situation.

Furthermore, after the re-opening of the gym, the price for a one-time entrance will be increased to 50,-CZK, and monthly membership will cost 350,-CZK. I would like to point out to everyone that if you want to use the gym, you must have a valid reservation through ISKAM or a so-called empty reservation in the case of purchasing a monthly pass.

During the period of restrictions, it is possible to use our smaller gym in building B.


Thank you

Best regards


Veronika Mrazek
Manager of Palachova dormitory and UH

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